Monday, August 26, 2013


This past week has also been very trying in some ways, but EXTREMELY sweet and wonderful and rewarding in a lot as well! To start things off, on Monday, Sister Akin and I visited good ole Rob (our less-active friend) and had a good visit with him... while he may or may not have probably definitely had a beer or two right before we came over... Haha... Oh Rob... We're working on the Word of Wisdom with him, but clearly we haven't gotten very far... Haha... It's ok. I'm confident that he'll come around eventually! And I still love him anyways! :) Right after we were done visiting Rob, we felt like we should go over and check on Stephanie (the woman who Sister Woodbury and I met street contacting who was belting out the song "Oklahoma" as her and her friend drove by us with the windows down shortly before), who I hadn't seen in literally MONTHS. I was practically holding my breath as I knocked on her door and I heard someone walking towards the door... and... STEPHANIE ANSWERED THE DOOR!!! I cannot even describe to you the immense amounts of happiness and pure joy that I felt when I saw her! She was SO excited to see me, too (cause I KNOW that she was one of the people who I was supposed to meet out here, and we have that connection), and she quickly invited us inside! We went in and sat down, and quickly realized that she, like Rob, was a little tipsy herself. I mean, I knew she always loved me, but she just kept on hugging me, and being very spiritual - which is GREAT, I LOVE it. But I just want her to be the same way when she HASN'T had something to drink before... Oh man... yep. So that was our Monday night... Two tipsy people. It was still SO good to see Steph, though. I'm going to at least take some of the things that she said to me to heart! She started getting emotional and told me, "I can feel the love of God in you!" That was definitely REALLY sweet and special, and I'll just hope and pray that she'll tell me the same thing again at a later time when she's sober! :) Haha. But it's ok! I still love her anyways! :) That night shortly before we got home, poor, sweet Sister Akin started feeling sick. So we hurried home, and shortly after we got home, she threw up... and then again later that night... She had the 24 hour stomach flu. It was TERRIBLE. The poor thing still felt sick and achey the next day, so Tuesday we took a sick day and stayed inside all day and watched church movies in our apartment. It was actually a pretty good day - aside from her not feeling well. But it actually ended up working out because I wasn't feeling that great that day, either. In fact, that day was probably one of the worst days that I had had in a couple of weeks. But it's ok cause both Sister Akin and I have learned a LOT as far as serving each other over the past several weeks since I've been sick mostly, and then when she had the flu, and I did as much as I could for her. So we've been helping each other out, so it's been good! :) Wednesday was a really interesting, but overall good day! We started the afternoon off with another visit to the doctor's office - with the hope and prayer that this time they'd have the answer that I was looking for as far as a cure for the sickness that I'd been feeling. After that, we went out and did some street contacting, then we stopped by the apartment really quick right before going to our dinner appointment. Right as we were parking, lo and behold, we saw Jacob - our military man investigator who lives in the apartment building right next to us! I quickly jumped out of the car and called his name, and he came right over and talked to us for a minute. As we were talking to him, somewhere in the conversation, we got talking about cars, and we knew that we needed to get our oil checked, and possibly changed, since we've driven it nearly 5,000 miles and we haven't done that yet... Oooopsies... Well, we don't know anything about cars, and he's a guy and he does. So anyways, he agreed to check our oil for us later that week, and we made a deal that in exchange for him checking our oil, we'd teach him another lesson about the gospel (since we'd only met him once and taught him the restoration lesson in the parking lot a couple of weeks before)! He agreed and said that he'd do that on Saturday. Those were the main highlights for Wednesday. Thursday was yet another interesting, but really good day! Literally NONE of our plans came through, and we didn't have a single lesson, but it was really good! One of the main highlights, however, was while we were street contacting, we ran into a potential investigator named Christopher (he's a hispanic guy from Honduras), and he told us that he wanted to take us out to dinner on Saturday night; we agreed on the condition that we could teach him about the gospel while we eat. He agreed. That night, we had dinner with a WONDERFUL woman in our ward named Eileen! I cannot even say enough about her to truly give her all of the credit that she deserves! She is honestly a truly remarkable woman and I am SO happy and honored to have finally had the opportunity to get to know her better! :) Friday morning I woke up with the same 24-hour flu that Sister Akin had on Tuesday... THANKFULLY I never actually threw up from it due to my intense will-power to never throw up again (I'm serious). However, I felt feverish and achy and nauseous all day long. So we pretty much had a repeat of our day on Tuesday. We watched Legacy (MY FAVORITE MOVIE!!!), and The Testaments (another GREAT one!) and another movie about the making of the Salt Lake City Temple! It was really good! Saturday was SUCH a wonderful day!!! We started the day off by helping a new cute couple in our ward move into their apartment! After that, we went street contacting and ended up meeting this wonderful woman named Mary Ann (who is almost like an Italian version of Stephanie! LOVE her!) and we talked to her for over an hour! I stopped her first, then she saw our name tags and asked if we could sit down and talk with her for a bit! We were COMPLETELY caught off guard, but we of course said "YES!" and talked with her! Unfortunately we didn't get too many words in about the gospel with her, but she just needed a good listening ear. However, we do have a return appointment with her for tonight! So cross our fingers all goes well with that! :) After that, we had a WONDERFUL lesson with our sweet Keren! Her faith is growing - slowly but surely! :) Shortly after we got back from Keren's, Jacob checked our oil, as well as just about everything else in our car and said it's good to go! :) After that, the three of us went out to dinner at Chick-Fil-A and got to know Jacob better! We talked a lot about the gospel, and he really wants to know more! He's incredible! He's SUUUPER spiritual! He even teaches a Bible Study class in DC on Tuesday nights! :) He's getting baptized some day - I can FEEL it! :D Sunday was SOOOO good! Church was wonderful! And shortly after church, after we finished our personal studies, we went and visited a less-active member in our ward named Ignacio and his cute family! His wife, Sandra, is not a member, and they have two adorable children! We had a REALLY wonderful visit with both of them, and we got a new investigator with Sandra! :) The Elders were teaching her originally, but she wouldn't really listen to them and she wasn't progressing with them, so we did a little switch-a-roo. They gave us Sandra and we gave them Bobby - Keren's husband - since he's not progressing with us, and they had dinner with them and some members on Monday night, and Bobby really liked them. After that, we had dinner with a WONDERFUL sweet woman in our ward named Mindy! I LOVE her! I know that I was supposed to meet her, too! :) She even has two pet flying squirrels! How cool is that?? We were meant to be friends! :) Right after dinner, we were FINALLY able to go and visit Jan and Jack!!! It was SOOOOOOO wonderful to see them both! I LOVE THEM SOOOOOOO MUCH!!! Anyways, I gotta run, but THE CHURCH IS SOOOOOOO TRUE!!! I love being a missionary!!! :D I love you all!!! Love always, Sister Aubrie Orrock

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

What Doesn't Kill You Makes You STRONGER!!!

HEY EVERYBODY!!! WOW!!! What a week! This past week has been jam-packed full of ups and downs galore! Haha! First off, last Monday night, Sis. Akin and I went with a member in our ward named Mary and visited one of the Less-Active members who we've been working with named Rick! It was really good! I love Rick! He's really a great guy! Tuesday we went on exchanges with the Sister Trainer Leaders in our area, who just-so-happen to be my very own trainer, Sister Woodbury, and her new companion, Sister Goates! Sister Akin went with Sister Woodbury and Sister Goates came to me. But it was still really fun! I love Sister Goates, too! And I was still able to see Sister Woodbury for a few minutes, which is always wonderful! I sure do love her! :-) Also on Tuesday night when I was with Sister Goates, we had a wonderful lesson/dinner with our wonderful Chinese investigators, Jody and Chenj! I love them SO much! Jody has been reading the Book of Mormon, and Chenj... we're still workin' on him. Haha. But it's ok! He'll come around soon enough! :-) Wednesday we exchanged back, and that that afternoon was the beginning of a HUGE humbling experience for me. I've been sick for nearly three whole weeks now, and by this point it had been just over two weeks, and it had gotten to the point where I had SOOOO much desire to work, but barley any strength to do it. It was (and continued to be throughout the week) EXTREMELY frustrating. It finally came to the point where I had to admit that I physically could not handle the work at this time, and we had to do a mini member exchange that night. So that night, I went over to Mary's apartment and her roommate, Jen, who's actually in the singles ward, babysat me while Sister Akin went out and worked with Rebecca. Although, again, this was an EXTREMELY difficult thing for me to humble myself and make this decision, it turned out to be EXACTLY what not only I, or Sister Akin, but also what the sweet members who helped us needed at that time as well! The Lord truly works in mysterious ways. This pattern continued on Thursday and Friday with me being babysat at night by a member in the ward, and Sister Akin going out and working with another member in the ward. Thursday night I stayed with a sweet girl in the Singles ward who just moved into our complex and is in the building right next door, while Sister Akin went out and worked with a girl in our ward named Nate' (pronounced Na-tay). Friday night, sweet Sister Stouder came to our apartment and watched me while Sis. Akin went out and worked with sweet Sister Stiemle. Saturday I actually got out and worked the whole day - BAD idea. I did not have the strength or energy to do that, but that's ok. I was being stubborn and I had gone totally stir crazy, so I told myself that I didn't care how crappy I was feeling that day, I was going to go out and work and preach the gospel, and I was going to have a great day, dang it! I did alright at the beginning of the day, but then as the day went on, my body continued to get more and more frustrated with me. We went to a ward luau that night, which was really fun. I just didn't feel like myself, so I wasn't being nearly as social as I usually am, which was WEIRD. After the luau, we went and visited with a member - Tati - and that was really good! It was exactly what I needed (and I hope what SHE needed as well) at that time. Sunday my body was NOT happy with me - I was falling asleep during church (Sunday School and Relief Society), and even during personal study after church back at the apartment. I knew that I had pushed myself FAR more than my body was able to go the day before, so I was sure payin for it that day! Haha... So that night, I realized that I couldn't go out and work again, so I figured out another babysitter for me - Sister Metts (her and her husband are WONDERFUL!!!) - while Sister Akin went out and worked with Sister Roberts. Seriously, every single one of these members who have helped us out over this past week deserve a round of applause and pat on the back, or something! No - they all deserve MUCH more than that! If it was up to me, I would give them one of the best prizes I could think of! I would buy them each a package of OREOS!!! Seriously - how much better can ya get?? Haha! Seriously, though! Oh! And speaking of Oreos, since I've been out here in DC, I've discovered a WONDERFUL gluten-free invention called Joe-Joe's! They're gluten-free Oreos! Since realizing that I could no longer have my wonderful glutenous oreos anymore, I was having a really rough time with that, so I've been REALLY excited about Joe-Joe's! They're about the closest thing to an oreo that I've ever tried! I LOVE them! Haha. :-) But anyways, enough about oreos. These past few weeks - particularly this past week - has really taught me A LOT! I've never had to lean on my Savior on my mission more than I have been right now! I've received a couple of priesthood blessings recently since I've been sick, and they were both beautiful blessings, and they both told me something along the lines of, "The Lord knows that you are having a hard time going through this trial of health right now. However, He is allowing you to go through this trial for your benefit and learning. He wants you to learn and grow from this experience." "...Well that's SUPER. Can you just tell me what you want me to learn, so that I can just learn it right now and be done with this already??" I thought this to myself, and I've continued to think this to myself throughout this whole experience; until over the past five days or so, it dawned on me that the Lord doesn't work that way. I already knew this, of course, but this was just a reality check that I needed to get. Haha. He's not going to just tell us what we need to learn to quit going through a trial. If He did that, then there would be no purpose in having free agency - the greatest gift that the Lord has bestowed upon us. We need to have these experiences in life - experience the ups and the downs, the bitter and the sweet; for if life was all puppy-dogs and rainbows and daisies (as wonderful as that would be, let's be honest), there would be no learning, and therefore, no progression. I have been SO incredibly grateful to have these experiences - no matter how difficult - for exactly the purpose that the Lord himself has prepared for me; for my benefit and learning, and for me to grow in this life. We all have those times in life - and maybe some of you who are reading this might be going through something right now, but I promise you that, as I have seen in my own life over the past three weeks, the Lord truly is mindful of all of you. He loves us all and he knows what's best for us. I love you all SOOOOOOO much and I cannot wait to hear from you all SOON!!! :D Love always, Sister Aubrie Anne Orrock P.S. I'm calling the following people to repentance right now! Kat Stebbins and Heather Lindsay!!! I love you both, mi hermanas! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE write me ASAP!!! It's been WAAAY too long since I've heard from either of you! I hope y'all know how much I love you and I think about and pray for y'all each and every day! I really wish that I had enough time in the day to write every single one of you every week, but I don't unfortunately. So just know that I love you and I'll write you as soon as I can! :-) Thank you all for all of the letters and e-mails that y'all continue to send me!!! I really do appreciate it all! Y'all are the best!!! :-)

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


HEY EVERYBODY!!! This past week has been CRAZY (mostly in a good way)! It was filled with lessons, and 8 out of 10 were with random people who we just started talking to on the street! President Riggs received inspiration for us to start this new wonderful thing called TEACH IMMEDIATELY!!! So, instead of contacting people on the street and handing them a pass-along card, or even giving them a tiny schpeel about "our message" (President also told us to stop saying things like, "We share a message about Jesus Christ, etc."). Instead, briefly introduce yourself, then ask thought-provoking questions, such as, "Have you ever wondered why there are so many Christian churches on the earth?" and then just take whatever they give you and RUN with it! It's worked WONDERS so far! We've already DOUBLED our weekly total of lessons just by doing this simple, yet AMAZING technique! We even give them the soft baptismal invite and everything! It's been REALLY powerful!!! :D Anyways, I'll tell you about the week now: Monday was really good! I don't remember if I already told you about the stuff earlier that day, so I'll give you a quick re-cap of it. I bought a boque of multi-colored daisies (Sister Akin and my favorite flower) to help to brighten up our apartment, and that's really helped! :) We also got some fro-yo, and then shortly after that, a Less-Active member saw us about to walk into Giant (the city grocery store), and he called us over and handed two $20 bills to Sister Akin. At first Sis. A said, "We really don't need your money. We're ok. Thank you, though." and then he just smiled and said, "It's ok. I'm a member." and drove off. It was truly amazing! Then that night, we visited Alma at the Nursing Home. I LOVE THAT WOMAN!!! She is amazing!!! :D Tuesday was an incredible day! From the moment we got back to the apartment after District Meeting, it was as if the Lord laid everything out in front of us! We were truly blessed that day! First off, right after we got out of the car in our apartment parking lot, we saw a guy walking, and Sister Akin just smiled and said, "Hey! How's it going?" and then he stopped running and walked over and TALKED TO US!!! We taught him all about the Restoration right there and he's now a new investigator! His name's Jacob and he's in his early 20's and in the military. He's really great! :) Later, we were tracting and we met a woman who had seen "The Book of Mormon" play, and she was really curious about Mormons and started asking us about it. I told her, "Did you see on the back of the program where it says, 'the book's better than the play'?" she laughed and said that she had read something along those lines. I then smiled and said, "Well it's true!" and handed her a Book of Mormon. She said that she'll read it cause she's curious, but she'll call us if she has any questions (she didn't want to give us her phone number). Potential new investigator right there! :) Then we had dinner with a wonderful family in the ward - the Essig's (they referred us to Jan)! But this wasn't all - the miracles kept on comin! That night, we street contacted into a Brazilian couple and taught them a lesson, too! Then we met a man named David outside of a bar who said we were really nice, beautiful girls, and even after we bore our sincere testimony, he said he enjoyed talking with us, but he's not interested in learning more. Then we topped the night off by visiting with a couple in our ward! :) Wednesday we had a great night! We met a black guy named Bruce while we were street contacting, and we had a lesson with him in the street, and even got his phone number and a return appointment! MIRACLES!!! After that, we topped the night off by visiting with our less-active friend in the ward, Rob. :) Thursday we went to ARP (Addiction Recovery Program - that's right. Haha. It's ok. It's a class that we take once a week or so and go through a 12-step-typed program so that when we have investigators who need a program like this, we can know what it's like and recommend it to them. It's also really great for us, too. Cause it doesn't just focus on addictions. It focuses on becoming a better you all around! I LOVE it, actually!). Then shortly after we got back from that, we met two Chinese girls while street contacting and had a lesson with them, and one of them was genuinely interested, and we'll be calling her later this week to follow up on her reading in the Book of Mormon and see about getting an appointment scheduled! :) We ended up coming in early that night cause I was really sick, and we called the Elders over and they gave me a BEAUTIFUL priesthood blessing! :) I am SOOOOOOO thankful to have the priesthood in my life and to be so surrounded by worthy priesthood holders! I am truly blessed! :) Friday we went to Launching Leaders, then we had a wonderful lesson with Keren! She's SO sweet and told us that she got so spoiled the week when she saw us four days in a row, so when we've gone a week without seeing her after that, she misses us! :) I LOVE HER SOOOOOOO MUCH!!! She's wonderful!!! :D Later that night, we street contacted into a nice drunk guy named Michael and taught him the Restoration lesson and gave him the Book of Mormon and invited him to be baptized. Haha! His only response was that he's already been baptized. I'm not so sure how much of that he'll remember later. He might wonder where this book and card with our names and phone number came from! Haha! Shortly after that, we street contacted into a possibly late-teenage year old boy named Mike, who actually seemed relatively interested after we gave him the Restoration lesson and said that he'd meet with us again! :) THE CHURCH IS TRUE!!! Saturday we went to a baptism where three people were getting baptized, and Keren came with us! It was SUCH a powerful experience! I LOVE baptisms!!! That night, while we were street contacting, we met a black woman named Millie who was super nice! We taught her the Restoration and she said that she'd like to meet with us again sometime as well! :) Right after that we saw this Russian woman who we met on the street a couple of weeks ago named Svetlana. She just can't get away from us! Haha! I don't think she's too interested in the gospel, but she's nice to us and always calls us beautiful girls! :) On our way home that night, we were driving by a less-active guy's house who lives in our ward named Rick, and so we stopped by and said hi to him! We're seeing him tonight! I'm excited! :) Sunday was wonderful! Church was exactly everything that I needed! Rob even came to church! YAY! We had lunch at Mary Bell's house after church with three blind boys and their blind father. It was so COOL! We visited Alma again that night! SUCH a wonderful day! Such a great week! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!! :D THE CHURCH IS TRUE!!! :D LOVE ALWAYS, Sister Aubrie Orrock P.S. THANK YOU SOOOOOOOO much to everyone who wrote me/sent me a package in the past week! Aubree, Daddy, Brienne, Mom - this means YOU! I love you all! :)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Washington DC South Mission Blog

Aubrie's mission blog

Crystal City is the new Little China!

HEY EVERYBODY!!! WOW!!! Another week has quickly come and gone! I hope y'all are doing wonderful and are happy and healthy! :) Monday was REALLY good! We met up with Yao and Ping (the Chinese COUPLE who we met and went to the Chinese fireside with us last Sunday night) and went out to dinner with them at a Mexican restaurant, and THEY PAID for us!!! :) They're wonderful! After dinner, we walked back to the church building up the street and gave them a mini tour of the chapel and talked about what we do at church and answered a lot of questions that they had! It was SO good! We even exchanged phone numbers, so even though they'll be back in China (and she's coming back to the U.S. somewhere to go to school), we can still keep in contact! :) Tuesday we stopped by and had a quick visit with Sister Essig (a lady in our ward who's also neighbors and friends with Jan), and then we went and visited with Jan for about half an hour. After that, we went and had interviews with President Riggs and then with the Zone Leaders. Interviews were SOOOOOOOO good and VERY insightful! President had us all do something that I think would be very beneficial for all of you to do as well! He called it "Woman (or Man) of Vision". You think of a vision for yourself, or your companionship, or your area; then you make a goal, or time frame in which you are going to complete this vision; you then make a very detailed plan on how you are going to carry out this goal and make this vision happen! It's been very insightful and uplifting as I've created my vision and all of that! Here is my "Woman of Vision": Vision: I am a Hell-shaking, POWERFUL missionary! Goal: I will be continuously striving and working towards this to be better and better! However, I will have at least some-what reached this by the end of the transfer (so, in three weeks from now). Plan: I will continuously work towards this and strive everyday to be better. I will involve ward members a lot more in my efforts in the work. I will always be happy and positive - even more so than I already am now - and invite EVERYONE to come unto Christ! Anyways, that night we saw Reacha and had a really good last lesson with her before she moved back to Maryland. Wednesday we had district meeting, which was good as always. Then we had a really good lesson with Keren! She is slowly but surely progressing in the gospel! I love her! She's wonderful! She really is FAR MORE than an investigator to me - she's a FRIEND! :) After we visited with Keren, we finished our companionship study, then we went and had dinner with the Metts', a couple in our ward. They're wonderful! I LOVE them! :) After dinner we went to the Potomac Nursing Home and visited with Alma for a bit. She's doing great, as always! :) She's approaching her year mark of baptism at the end of this month, so she'll be going through the temple in September! She's so cute and excited! And I'm so excited FOR her! :) Thursday we had lunch with Sister Williams in the ward, then after we were done eating, we helped her clean her apartment a bit cause her cute lil' family moved out this weekend. I'm really gonna miss them! They were only here for the summer, but I got really close to them! They're wonderful! I love them! :) Later that day, we had been walking around street contacting for about an hour or so, when I started to feel really sick and like I was going to throw up; so we had to cut our street contacting time short and go back to the apartment for a bit so that I could lay down and take a quick thirty-minute nap. It's all good. After the nap I felt a little bit better. I was honestly more bummed about having to stop working for a bit rather than feeling sick. Haha. Anyways, that night we went over to Sister Kuang's apartment and had dinner with her and her family and another set of Sister missionaries in the area - Sister Olson and Sister Schooley. It was really good! SUUUPER authentic Chinese food. I had some eggs, and I think there was definitely more than just eggs in my eggs... I'm pretty sure that there was squid and/or liver... Yep. That's right. I unintentionally may or may not have totally eaten some squid and liver... LOVE it. After dinner, we stayed and helped clean for a while cause they left the next morning to move back to China after a two-week trip in California. I LOVE Sister Kuang and her family! They're wonderful! I miss them already! Friday was weekly planning day, so we were inside for the majority of the day. That night we went and visited Jan, which was really good, and VERY much needed for both us AND her. I love that woman SOOOOOOOOO much! I love her husband, Jack, too! They both really have become like family to me! :) Saturday we had zone training in the morning, which was SO good! :) We read a talk together called "Thy Confidence Shall Wax Strong in the Presence of God" by Robert E. Quinn given in a devotional at BYU-I on March 1, 2011. I STRONGLY encourage y'all to look it up and read it! It completely changed my perspective on a lot of things! I LOVE it! Also, we're going to be doing this thing called a forty-day fast (it explains it in the talk - it's not a literal fast, besides the first day); and at the end of the fast, we're going to go to the Natts game (I guess it's a world-series baseball game or something? I don't really know) on September 13th as an entire mission. That'll be kind of a big deal. It should be fun to hang out with everyone in the mission! :) After that, we went to the Temple Visitors Center with Wu Biao (our recent convert) and his daughter, and the Metts' drove us there! It was SO good! That night, we were going to check on a less-active member in our ward who we hadn't met yet, and right before we got to her apartment, we met a woman on the way in, in the elevator. She got off on the same floor as us, and was a little bit behind us, then we appartently knocked on her door. She then went on to explain that the woman who we were looking for was her mother, but she was a member of the church as well, and she just hadn't been for several years. After she told us her name, I realized that she was one who was also on our less-active list. We had a really great experience and she invited us to come back this week! Miracles truly happen! :) Sunday was incredible! We had an impromptu lesson with a guy from Honduras who works in our apartment complex named Melvin! We were in the computer room at our club house finishing our progress record, and he was in there, on the computer, too, and he started asking us questions. We talked to him for about an hour and a half. Towards the end, he kept asking us questions like, "Are you married?" or "Do you have a boyfriend?" and "Are you dating anyone?" We, of course, replied, "Nope." to all of them. ...unfortunately I feel like he may be more interested in cute, blonde, American girls than he is in hearing the gospel. Oh well... It was still a cool experience! That night, we had dinner with a girl in our ward named Mary, and she had a non-member neighbor over as well, so we got talking to him. His name's Tyler and he's really cool! After dinner, another friend of hers who's less-active, and his non-member girlfriend came over as well, and we were able to have a really good conversation with both of them! I really feel like she's gonna join and he's gonna come back! Oh man! SUCH tender mercies! I LOVE this work!!! There's truly nothing better! :) I love you all! The church is true! :) Love Always, Sister Aubrie Orrock P.S. Aubs and Jessica Page: THANK YOU FOR YOUR LETTER!!! I LOVE YOU!!! PLEASE KEEP WRITING ME!!! Daddy: I LOVE YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH!!! Thank you SO much for your letter every week! :)