Tuesday, August 13, 2013


HEY EVERYBODY!!! This past week has been CRAZY (mostly in a good way)! It was filled with lessons, and 8 out of 10 were with random people who we just started talking to on the street! President Riggs received inspiration for us to start this new wonderful thing called TEACH IMMEDIATELY!!! So, instead of contacting people on the street and handing them a pass-along card, or even giving them a tiny schpeel about "our message" (President also told us to stop saying things like, "We share a message about Jesus Christ, etc."). Instead, briefly introduce yourself, then ask thought-provoking questions, such as, "Have you ever wondered why there are so many Christian churches on the earth?" and then just take whatever they give you and RUN with it! It's worked WONDERS so far! We've already DOUBLED our weekly total of lessons just by doing this simple, yet AMAZING technique! We even give them the soft baptismal invite and everything! It's been REALLY powerful!!! :D Anyways, I'll tell you about the week now: Monday was really good! I don't remember if I already told you about the stuff earlier that day, so I'll give you a quick re-cap of it. I bought a boque of multi-colored daisies (Sister Akin and my favorite flower) to help to brighten up our apartment, and that's really helped! :) We also got some fro-yo, and then shortly after that, a Less-Active member saw us about to walk into Giant (the city grocery store), and he called us over and handed two $20 bills to Sister Akin. At first Sis. A said, "We really don't need your money. We're ok. Thank you, though." and then he just smiled and said, "It's ok. I'm a member." and drove off. It was truly amazing! Then that night, we visited Alma at the Nursing Home. I LOVE THAT WOMAN!!! She is amazing!!! :D Tuesday was an incredible day! From the moment we got back to the apartment after District Meeting, it was as if the Lord laid everything out in front of us! We were truly blessed that day! First off, right after we got out of the car in our apartment parking lot, we saw a guy walking, and Sister Akin just smiled and said, "Hey! How's it going?" and then he stopped running and walked over and TALKED TO US!!! We taught him all about the Restoration right there and he's now a new investigator! His name's Jacob and he's in his early 20's and in the military. He's really great! :) Later, we were tracting and we met a woman who had seen "The Book of Mormon" play, and she was really curious about Mormons and started asking us about it. I told her, "Did you see on the back of the program where it says, 'the book's better than the play'?" she laughed and said that she had read something along those lines. I then smiled and said, "Well it's true!" and handed her a Book of Mormon. She said that she'll read it cause she's curious, but she'll call us if she has any questions (she didn't want to give us her phone number). Potential new investigator right there! :) Then we had dinner with a wonderful family in the ward - the Essig's (they referred us to Jan)! But this wasn't all - the miracles kept on comin! That night, we street contacted into a Brazilian couple and taught them a lesson, too! Then we met a man named David outside of a bar who said we were really nice, beautiful girls, and even after we bore our sincere testimony, he said he enjoyed talking with us, but he's not interested in learning more. Then we topped the night off by visiting with a couple in our ward! :) Wednesday we had a great night! We met a black guy named Bruce while we were street contacting, and we had a lesson with him in the street, and even got his phone number and a return appointment! MIRACLES!!! After that, we topped the night off by visiting with our less-active friend in the ward, Rob. :) Thursday we went to ARP (Addiction Recovery Program - that's right. Haha. It's ok. It's a class that we take once a week or so and go through a 12-step-typed program so that when we have investigators who need a program like this, we can know what it's like and recommend it to them. It's also really great for us, too. Cause it doesn't just focus on addictions. It focuses on becoming a better you all around! I LOVE it, actually!). Then shortly after we got back from that, we met two Chinese girls while street contacting and had a lesson with them, and one of them was genuinely interested, and we'll be calling her later this week to follow up on her reading in the Book of Mormon and see about getting an appointment scheduled! :) We ended up coming in early that night cause I was really sick, and we called the Elders over and they gave me a BEAUTIFUL priesthood blessing! :) I am SOOOOOOO thankful to have the priesthood in my life and to be so surrounded by worthy priesthood holders! I am truly blessed! :) Friday we went to Launching Leaders, then we had a wonderful lesson with Keren! She's SO sweet and told us that she got so spoiled the week when she saw us four days in a row, so when we've gone a week without seeing her after that, she misses us! :) I LOVE HER SOOOOOOO MUCH!!! She's wonderful!!! :D Later that night, we street contacted into a nice drunk guy named Michael and taught him the Restoration lesson and gave him the Book of Mormon and invited him to be baptized. Haha! His only response was that he's already been baptized. I'm not so sure how much of that he'll remember later. He might wonder where this book and card with our names and phone number came from! Haha! Shortly after that, we street contacted into a possibly late-teenage year old boy named Mike, who actually seemed relatively interested after we gave him the Restoration lesson and said that he'd meet with us again! :) THE CHURCH IS TRUE!!! Saturday we went to a baptism where three people were getting baptized, and Keren came with us! It was SUCH a powerful experience! I LOVE baptisms!!! That night, while we were street contacting, we met a black woman named Millie who was super nice! We taught her the Restoration and she said that she'd like to meet with us again sometime as well! :) Right after that we saw this Russian woman who we met on the street a couple of weeks ago named Svetlana. She just can't get away from us! Haha! I don't think she's too interested in the gospel, but she's nice to us and always calls us beautiful girls! :) On our way home that night, we were driving by a less-active guy's house who lives in our ward named Rick, and so we stopped by and said hi to him! We're seeing him tonight! I'm excited! :) Sunday was wonderful! Church was exactly everything that I needed! Rob even came to church! YAY! We had lunch at Mary Bell's house after church with three blind boys and their blind father. It was so COOL! We visited Alma again that night! SUCH a wonderful day! Such a great week! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!! :D THE CHURCH IS TRUE!!! :D LOVE ALWAYS, Sister Aubrie Orrock P.S. THANK YOU SOOOOOOOO much to everyone who wrote me/sent me a package in the past week! Aubree, Daddy, Brienne, Mom - this means YOU! I love you all! :)

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