Wednesday, January 29, 2014


HEY EVERYBODY!!! This past week has been wonderful!!! Today we were able to get a lot done, including going to Sweet Frog and having some wonderful fro-yo that we were able to get for free with some money that we found outside of our gym of our apartment complex! :) Last week we found $10 laying outside in the snow as we walked out of the gym, so we turned it into the people at the clubhouse to see if anyone was missing it; well, this morning when we went in the clubhouse, the maintainance guy who we gave the money to told us that nobody had claimed it, so it was rightfully ours! Jesus loves me, yes, I know! :) Haha. Seriously though! :) So here's last week: Monday: We had dinner with Anastasia and Tabitha! It was SO good! I love them both SO much! They're so adorable and sweet! :) Tuesday: We had District Meeting, then we had lunch with Brother and Sister Russell and their adorable little girl at Chipotle! SO good! I LOVE them!!! :) Later that day after dinner, we did a little bit of tracting, then we visited the Mitchells, which was AWESOME!!! Brother Mitchell is a physical therapist, or something like that, and he adjusted me and Sister McKenna FOR FREE!!! And he showed us about 8 different stretches to help our backs and necks to not be in pain! It's WONDERFUL!!! :) Wednesday: We had lunch with Sister Stolpe and he son, Chaz at Noodles and Company! SO good!!! I LOVE Sister Stolpe SO much!!! :) Then that night we had dinner with the Ruschs! They are an adorable family! I love them! :) After dinner we visited the Clouses and were able to see them and their sweet new baby, Autumn!!! I LOVE THEM!!! OH MY CUTENESS!!! Seriously!!! Autumn is ADORABLE!!! I love her SOOOOOOOO much!!! :) After that, we went to see Desmond, but it turned out he wasn't home, so we rescheduled to see him some other time. Thursday: We did our weekly service at Koinonia, which was wonderful! I love everyone at Koinonia SO much! They really are SO good to us! :) Later that day we did some online proselyting and I chatted with some awesome people. :) That night we had dinner with Sister K. I love that woman! She is wonderful! :) Then we finished the night off by stopping by the Kemps and saying hi to them and scheduling another time to come and see them! :) We're hopefully gonna see them tomorrow! :) Friday: We weekly planned. Then we went to the Clouses that afternoon and I cut Brother Clouse's hair, and it looks GOOD!!! While I was doing his hair, Sister McKenna made them dinner, then we went off to see Sister Trinh. I love that woman! She's SO sweet and cute! :) Then we finished the night off with a wonderful visit with Carol! :) Saturday: We had a wonderful full-mission conference and I was able to see all of my past companions and Elder Brown and Elder Stone, and most everyone else who I've served with and gotten close to! And, I of course also saw President and Sister Riggs, and on top of that hear a wonderful talk from a general authority - none other than Elder Nielson! SOOOOOOO wonderful!!! :) After the conference, it was CAROL'S BAPTISM!!! It was SO beautiful! She bore her testimony after she was baptized, and it was absolutely beautiful! She talked about how grateful she is to be a part of such a big, wonderful ward family! She then went on to say that she plans on being a very active member of our church! :) I love her SO much! She's so sweet! She even signed up to feed us this week! :) That night we had a wonderful lesson with Desmond! He is awesome! He even said that he will get baptized eventually! :) Sunday: Carol was confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints!!! It was BEAUTIFUL!!! She was about to cry afterwards and you could really see the gratitude in her eyes! I LOVE her!!! :) That night we had dinner with the Baileys in the ward, which was wonderful! Their oldest daughter is so cute and sweet and even made each of us a cute little bracelet out of colored hair elastics! They are an adorable family! :) After dinner, we went over and visited with Carol, then we saw Katy and Abby, which was wonderful! I love them!!! :) Then we finished the night with a wonderful lesson with Opoku! And Patrick came with us and him and Opoku really hit it off, so it was awesome! I love Opoku and Patrick! They are both wonderful! :) Anyways, I gotta run, but I love you all SO much!!! Thank you all for your constant love and support!!! Y'all are amazing!!! :) The Church is true!!! :D LOVE ALWAYS, Sister Aubrie Orrock P.S. I've been studying a lot in Alma recently, and it's AMAZING!!! I LOVE the stories in the Book of Mormon, and how they really are SO entertaining, and also SO applicable to our lives! :) Read Alma chapters 21 and 22. :)

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


HEY EVERYBODY!!! This week has been pretty crazy (as always) - haha - but mostly in a good way! To start off, on Monday night we visited Sister K., and it was a really good visit! I love her SO much! :) Tuesday we had District Meeting, which was WONDERFUL! I was able to see and talk with my dear, sweet Sister Lochridge (cause in case I forgot to mention before, we're in the same zone)! I love her SOOOOOO much!!! I actually saw her again today at zone sports and trimmed her hair, and we talked a lot and played some card games together! It was SO much fun! We just laughed and laughed! It seriously felt like we were back in the MTC again with how much we were laughing and talking together! I really have missed laughing like that! It has been FAR TOO LONG!!! So it felt really good to chat with her and laugh like the good old days! :) After District Meeting, we went home and had lunch, then we went and visited Sister Russell! I LOVE HER!!! She really is SOOOO awesome!!! She's a ward missionary and is REALLY on the ball with missionary work and helping out the missionaries in just about any way she can! So we visited with her and scheduled a time to go to lunch and for her to come out on an exchange with us (come out and work with us for a couple of hours) - which will be after I'm most likely gonna be gone after this transfer, but it's all good. She'll have fun with Sister McKenna and whoever her new companion is! :) Later that day, we did online proselyting, and I got to chat with some really awesome people! :) And it was on Tuesday while I was chatting with one of these amazing people that this wonderful idea sparked my mind, and since then, I have created a blog that goes along with this idea. The idea that came to me is all about how sad it is that most women and girls don't see their divine worth or potential, and that's just TERRIBLE!!! So my blog is all going to talk about girls and women seeing themselves the way that our Father in Heaven sees them. See yourself the way that God sees you. I'm just in the beginning of it, but I really like what I have so far! So please feel free to check it out and share with anyone and everyone! :) That night, we had dinner with the McCorquindales, and it was REALLY good! I love them! They are SO sweet and an adorable family! :) After that, we went to the church for a Relief Society activity and helped to make capes for homeless kids to help them feel like they're a super hero! It's a really cute idea, and Sister Clouse, Sister McKenna, and I all made 8 capes total together. We ended up not having time to finish them that night, so we finished them over at Sister Clouse's house later, and they are SO cute! :) Wednesday we visited the Clouses and helped finish some of the capes, then we had lunch. After lunch we did more online proselyting and I chatted with awesome people again! :) That afternoon we visited Pokuwah P., and it was SO good! She really is such a sweetheart! That night, we met Brother Sheng at a restaurant that has gluten-free pizzas, and had dinner with him there. It was really fun, and the food was DELICIOUS!!! :) That night, we did some tracting; and although we didn't get the most positive responses most of the time, for some reason I was actually kind of enjoying it for once. Really, it was WEIRD. I've hardly tracted my entire mission cause basically ALL we ever did in Crystal City was street contact, and I LOVE street contacting! And so the fact that I was feeling more comfortable with tracting was really weird, but whatevs. Maybe the Lord's preparing me for something new! He likes to do that once in a while. Haha. :) We finished the night off by having a really wonderful lesson with Desmond! We got him to say that he would think about and pray about baptism!!! It's AMAZING!!! I LOVE being a missionary and being such a big part in people's conversions! It really is an incredible feeling! :) Thursday we went to Koinonia and did our weekly service there, which was WONDERFUL! They gave me about three different gluten-free foods to take home cause nobody really uses them anymore! And it was EXACTLY what I wanted/needed at the time! THANK YOU, HEAVENLY FATHER!!! He really DOES know exactly what we need, and exactly when we need it! :) After Koinonia, we went to the Clouses and visited with them and worked a little bit more on the capes. After the Clouses, we had lunch with Sister Davis and Sister Paul at Mazzios - another place that offers gluten-free pizza! Sister Davis is such a sweetheart! I love her SO much!!! :) And the spoiling continued! That night, we had dinner with Sister Mitchell, and she is WONDERFUL!!! Towards the end of dinner, she asked us if we were allowed to accept gifts, and I said, "YES!!!" So she picked up a HUGE gift bag and said, "MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!" She had gone out and bought both me and Sister McKenna all of the essentials - toothbrush, toothpaste, contact solution, body wash, Q-tips, and even GUMMY VITAMINS!!! She had so much more in there, too, but those were just a few of them! Seriously, I almost cried with gratitude! It was truly amazing, and EXACTLY what I needed - what we BOTH needed! And on top of that, as if that wasn't enough, Sister Mitchell even asked me how my back and neck were feeling (her husband's a licensed chiropractor), and she went on to tell me that she had talked with her husband and he said that he would be more than willing to give me an adjustment totally free of charge! YEP! And so right after we got out of dinner, I gave President Riggs a call to make sure it would be ok and that we didn't need to get a female for me, and he was thrilled about it and said that if he's a licensed professional to GO FOR IT!!! So I don't know when exactly, but one of these days in the next couple of weeks we're going to go over there and he's gonna give me a chiropractic adjustment! This is AMAZING!!! Cause I'm not gonna lie, I've been doing alright, but after being out for nine months and not going to a chiropractor or massage therapist or anything like that, my body's overdue for something like that. So it really was a true answer to prayer! :) After that, we went and stopped by a potential investigator who Sister McKenna had tracted into when her and Sister Billman were on exchanges the week before, but he wasn't interested - to say the least. But it's ok. At least a seed was planted, an invitation was extended, and that's really all that we can do at this point. When he's ready, he'll come around. We finished the night off by having a really wonderful visit with Bobbi! I really do love her SO much! She's wonderful! :) Friday we visited the Clouses again and for realsies finished the capes - haha. They may have taken a little bit of time, but those homeless kiddos are gonna LOVE them!!! :) That night, we had dinner with the Riggs - NO, not President Riggs and his family, but we have a family in our ward named the Riggs. But they're really wonderful, too! I love them! :) That night after dinner, we visited a sister in the ward who we had never met before, and it was... interesting... She's really sweet and great. :) We finished the night off by visiting Sister Ho, whom I LOVE and totally adore! :) Saturday we went to Sister Clouse's baby shower for about an hour, and that was really fun! It was so good to get to chat with some of the sisters in the ward! :) After the baby shower, we went and checked on another potential investigator who Sister McKenna had found on their exchange, and this one was pretty positive, but it was just not a good time for them, so we're gonna go back this weekend when her husband's home and hopefully have a lesson with them! :) After that, we went over to the Grigg's and had a quick visit with them and gave them an update on how their missionary efforts in their neighborhood are looking (they gave us five referrals when Sis. McKenna was on the exchange); then they gave us each a cup of hot chocolate for the road. I LOVE the Grigg's! They're awesome! :) We finished the night off by finding a less-active woman who apparently is no longer a member and is now a different religion... those are always interesting... haha. But it was ok cause after talking with us standing out and freezing on her porch, she finally let us in and we ended up visiting with her for like an hour and a half! It was SO good! She's such a sweetheart! And she was actually telling us about how she defends the Mormons when others bad-mouth them because of her Grandmother! AMAZING!!! Sunday was CRAZY!!! We re-put Carol officially on date for baptism! :) She was sick last week and missed church on Sunday, so her baptism was pushed back a week; however, she appeared to have cold feet in general about getting baptized - which was really weird considering how incredibly excited she was about it the week before. Well, she called us on Saturday night and told us that she wanted to come to church on Sunday, so we found her a ride. We had tried talking with her about baptism a little bit, but she wasn't really liking the idea of setting a specific date quite yet - at least until she was completely over her cold, or whatever she had. Then at church, we introduced her to the Bishop right after Sacrament Meeting, and we had already explained the situation about her to him that morning in Ward Council, so what did he do?? He did what any other Bishop would (or SHOULD) do, and one of the first things he said to her was, "Carol! I hear you're getting baptized on Saturday! Congratulations! We are SO excited for you to join our ward!" Carol was a little bit surprised and didn't really know what to say right off, then she just kind of smiled and said, "Oh, ya... Sure. ...Well, as long as the Sisters are with me every step of the way!" And I just jumped right in and said, "Of course we will be! We'll be right there with you every step of the way!" Then all of a sudden it was like night and day, and from that moment on she just switched and was all gung-ho about baptism again! Then what really sealed the deal was when she went to Relief Society and they announced her baptism to everyone (I might have asked them to do that... haha), and then Carol was once again slightly caught off-guard, but she was happy to see that she had so much support! Then to top it all off, we got her baptism interview all taken care of shortly after church, and then that night the Relief Society President came with us to visit her and she did her own sort of "Welcome to Relief Society" thing with her and gave her a "Daughters in my Kingdom" book. It really has been AMAZING!!! Seriously! Members really are SOOOOOOOOO key in the work! Even when you think you've got them about to jump into the font, they can still get cold feet, and then the members are the ones who can warm them right back up! :) We also visited the Hubbards in the ward, then finished the night off by visiting with the Clouses again! All in all it was a wonderful week! :) Anyways, I gotta run, but I LOVE YOU ALL SOOOOOOO MUCH!!! Thank you SO much for all that you do and for your thoughts and prayers! I PROMISE I can feel them each and every day! :) Keep up the amazing work! And seriously, please check out my blog! And read and study Mosiah chapter 24 if you haven't already! :) LOVE ALWAYS, Sister Aubrie Orrock

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


HEY EVERYBODY!!! This past week has been CRAZY!!! And today I only have TEN MINUTES to write cause P-day was SO crazy, so we'll see how much I can get in! :) Monday was WONDERFUL!!! We spent the majority of our P-day last week with the Clouses and went to Mt. Vernon with them! Y'all might have seen some pictures of me and my companion from that on facebook that Brother Clouse took and posted on there, but unfortunately I'm not allowed to post P-day photos on my missionary facebook, so I had to hide them all. However, I'm sure that I could get him to e-mail all of the pictures to you, Mom, and then you could post them all on my facebook page! :) Tuesday we went on exchanges, and I went with Sister Stones to Fort Belvoir, and Sister Billman came to Kingstowne to be with Sister McKenna. Exchanges were WONDERFUL, and were EXACTLY what I needed - in every way! I LOVE Sister Stones! She is wonderful! :) The only not-so-great part about the exchange was the 9 degree weather that we had! Seriously! It was FREEZING!!! ...or, well below! And it's SO much worse with the humidity! It's crazy! Wednesday we exchanged back, and had dinner with a family in the ward named the Bylunds. They are wonderful! I love them! Then we had a wonderful lesson with Carol, and then had a really wonderful visit with Sister Stolpe that night! I love them all! :) Thursday we had lunch and a lesson with a referral from a member in our ward, so we got a new investigator, and her name's Tabitha and she is wonderful! I LOVE her!!! Then we visited the Clouses. Then that night we had a really wonderful visit with Jenny, then visited Sister Grizmala in our ward. I love them all! I love Kingstowne! It's wonderful! :) Friday we had interviews with President, which was EXACTLY what I needed!!! President just ALWAYS knows exactly what to say and do and exactly when he needs to say and do it. He is amazing!!! I LOVE him! :) That night we had dinner with the Romrells, then a really wonderful lesson with Carol (we've been meeting with her a bunch lately to get her prepared to be dunked)! Then we finished the night off with a really wonderful visit with sweet Sister Ho! Saturday we visited Sister Davis, weekly planned, had dinner with Sister Jackson, and had another lesson with Carol. Sunday we had dinner with the Fitzgeralds, and then finished the night off with a really wonderful visit with the Kemps! Anyways, SO sorry this was SO short, but I'll do my best to make up for it in my e-mail next week! I love you all! :) Read Mosiah chapter 24 - especially verses 14&15! They're wonderful! :) The church is true!!! I LOVE YOU!!! LOVE ALWAYS, Sister Aubrie Orrock

Monday, January 6, 2014


HEY EVERYBODY!!! Oh man! This past week was JAM-PACKED full of all sorts of miracles!!! I just LOVE being an instrument in the Lord's hands and knowing that I'm exactly where He wants and needs me to be, and exactly when He needs me there! It really is an amazing work - the Lord's. I am SOOOO incredibly thankful to be exactly where I am, right here, right now in the D.C. South! There is NO WHERE ELSE I would rather be right at this moment in time! I LOVE my mission SOOOO much, and I especially LOVE all of the amazing people - God's children - who I have the wonderful opportunity of teaching and being a part of their lives, even if it's for just a brief moment; I am SO blessed to be where I am right now! :) Monday was a really good P-day. We were able to chill for a bit, but also get a lot done, which I'm grateful for. That night, we had a wonderful lesson with Carol and started teaching her the Plan of Salvation; however, we only got through the Pre-Mortal Life part before a couple of her friends came over - Oscar and his wife (who's name I cannot remember at this moment) and their dog, Shofar. I love them all! They are all so sweet and their dog is adorable!!! We were able to visit with them for a bit and get to know them a bit (we had already met Oscar and their dog before), which was really nice. We also went over a very brief description of the Plan of Salvation and the jist of what it is and gave them a pamphlet about it. I don't know if anything more will come out of that, but if nothing else, we planted a good seed for them for the future! :) Tuesday was NEW YEAR'S EVE!!! We started it out with District Meeting, and, of course, Zone Portion of District Meeting right before that. I LOVE District Meeting SOOOO much!!! And especially Zone Portion - mostly cause Sister Lochridge (yes, my MTC companion!!!) is in my zone, and Elder Oberhansley (my first District Leader) is my new Zone Leader, and Sister Billman, who I was in the MTC with at the same time, but in a different District, is also in my zone, and my new Sister Training Leader! But I'm the most excited about Sister Lochridge being in my zone! I wish so badly that she was in my district, but that's ok. I'm excited enough that she's in my zone, so it's ok! :D It was SO much fun seeing her again! We were talking and laughing together just like we did in the MTC! I love her SO much!!! :) After District Meeting, we had lunch, and in the middle of lunch, Sister Clouse called and asked us to come over, so we did. We visited with them for a bit, then we went and had a lesson with a wonderful referral from Ghana who we met at church on Sunday named Nana Yaa! I love her SOOOO much! I think I already mentioned this before, but she's about seven months pregnant, came here from Ghana about a month ago, and is just the sweetest, most humble woman I have ever met in my life! I love her SO much!!! :) Sister Clouse came to the lesson with us, and it was AMAZING!!! We taught the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and it was AMAZING!!! Seriously, the spirit was SOOOO strong, I was about to cry (and did shed a few tears) through most of the lesson, it was CRAZY!!! (I know, Mom, I'm becoming more emotional now since I've been on my mission, it's WEIRD. These weird crying emotions are SO foreign to me, but my mission is slowly but surely breaking me and causing these emotions to be more previlent, which I don't love, but I'm slowly beginning to accept. Haha). Oh! And on top of the lesson being SUUUPER insanely packed full of the spirit, we also put Nana on date for baptism for January 18th!!! She had already told us on Sunday that she wanted to join our church, so it was really just a matter of popping the question with her, but it was still AMAZING and felt SOOOO incredible!!! This is the very first person who I've put on date for baptism in my whole mission who I will have actually taught from the beginning! It's awesome!!! :D After Nana, we went over to Bobbi's house and had dinner with her and visited with her. I love her SOOOO much!!! She really is SUCH a wonderful, sweet woman and is always willing to serve us! It was truly a wonderful New Year's Eve!!! :) Oh, and one last thing about New Year's - I don't know if I mentioned this in my e-mail last week, but President Riggs told us that we couldn't watch any movies on New Years Eve and to just go about it like a normal day - but we HAD to be in by 8:00. I'm not gonna lie, at first I was slightly bummed about this, but as time went on, and especially the day of, I actually didn't mind. In fact, I actually liked it better that way because we had some real miracles happen, and it kept me a lot more focused on the work, which helped me to not be so homesick over the holiday. :) Wednesday - HAPPY NEW YEAR'S!!! Today was truly a day of miracles - even more so than the night before! We started the New Year off by having a WONDERFUL lesson with Carol and almost finished teaching her the Plan of Salvation, and most importantly, PUT HER ON DATE FOR BAPTISM!!! That's right! Carol is getting baptized on January 18th - the same day that we put Nana on date for! I am SOOOO unbelievably exstatic!!! Especially since we had to end up passing Nana off to the Fort Belvior Elders (she moved out of our area on Sunday night - literally right after church), I am SOOOO excited about Carol!!! Because Carol will be the first one who I will have taught from the very beginning and all the way to the end to baptism (for the most part - Sister Schramm and Sister Hills did service for her and read out of the Book of Mormon with her a little bit before, and Sister Schramm taught her the Book of Mormon lesson)!!! I really DO love Carol SO much! She is SUCH a wonderful, sweet woman! And she loves me SO much, too! In fact, she told me that she wants to get baptized before I leave, and since the end of the transfer will be the first week of February, she wanted to make sure she got dunked QUICK!!! :) It really feels amazing to know that I have SO much influence over somebody and that I'm truly making so much of a difference in somebody's life! THIS is what this work is truly about! THIS is why I am SO excited about Carol getting baptized! It is NOT about the number, or about me being able to say that "I got a baptism". NO. It is NEVER about that. It is ALWAYS about the person - about God's child coming closer to Christ. THIS is where my pure joy comes from. :) After Carol, we had lunch, then we had a lesson with Wondifraw for the first time in several weeks. Wondifraw's... Wondifraw... Haha. I love him, I really do, but he's jut still stuck on the same issues as always and won't allow himself to move forward. But it's ok. He says that he doesn't go to his Penticostal church anymore, he said, "As soon as I start Mormon, I no go to my church anymore. I love Mormon." ...and yet, he refuses to be baptized. But that's ok. We still love him, which is why we desire baptism for him so much. But I have faith that he'll get baptized eventually. It may not be for 20 years from now, but it'll happen. :) After wondifraw, we did some online proselyting, which was wonderful! I got to chat with some really amazing people, as always! :) That night, we had our last dinner with the Shengs... they just moved back to California on Friday, so it was a last farewell dinner with them. I love them SOOOOOO much! They really are one of my favorite families out here EVER!!! But it's ok. I KNOW that I'll stay in contact with them forever! And Brother Sheng still has some stuff that he's finishing up here (I think it's his work), so he'll still be here for another month or so, so he said that he'll take us out to dinner one more time before he leaves! They really are SO wonderful! :) After the Shengs, we visited Sister K. and it was really good! I really love her SO much! :) After Sister K, we finished the night off by having a quick lesson with Desmond, and he said that he'll think about a baptism date!!! WOO HOO!!! 2014 is really starting out with a BANG!!! :D Thursday we started the day out by doing service at Koinonia, which was good as always. After that, we had lunch at Baja Fresh with Sister Owens and her two adorable daughters in the ward! I love them SO much! :) Then later that day, Sister Clouse called us and chatted with us for a bit, then asked us if we had a dinner appointment, and we said no. Then she asked us if we wanted a dinner appointment, and we said, "We would ALWAYS LOVE a dinner appointment!" So they invited us over for dinner. I love them SOOOO much!!! They really are amazing!!! :) After dinner, we visited Bishop Payne and his family. It was SO good! I love the Paynes! :) After the Paynes, we had a really good pass-off lesson with Nana and the Fort Belvoir Elders. I was SO sad to have to say goodbye to her, but at the same time, I heard that the Fort Belvoir ward has a REALLY tight-knit Ghanaian community, so she'll fit right in and be SUPER welcomed in that ward, which is exactly what she needs! :) Friday we spent most of the morning and afternoon weekly planning, as usual. Then we did some online proselyting on facebook, which was really good. :) After that we had dinner, then we visited the Taylors, which was really good! I love the Taylors! They are SO sweet and adorable! :) After the Taylors, we had a really good lesson with Carol and finished teaching her the Plan of Salvation, but mostly talked all about her baptism and how all of that's gonna work out. She is SO excited, which just makes me SO much happier and that much more excited about everything! :) Saturday we had a good visit and did some service for Sister K. and she ended up giving us a lot of stuff - such as several scarves to Sister McKenna, some three-ring binders to me, and lots more. We didn't ask for any of this, of course, but she just wanted to give it to us. :) I love it when people just so happen to want to give us things that we actually really are in need of! It's wonderful! :) That night we had dinner with Sister Field, and it was SO good! She made an amazing stir-fry, and then a really good fruit salad for desert! I LOVE her! :) After dinner, we visited the Ormes, which was wonderful! I really love the Ormes! And their little boy is SO cute! I am SO grateful to be in a family ward where I can see and interact with kids on a basically daily basis! It's wonderful! :) Sunday - we now have church at 9:00 AM! HALLELUJAH!!! ...except for that means that now twice a month we have meetings early before church at 7:30... yay... Haha. It's ok. It actually surprisingly wasn't too bad. But anyways, we had a REALLY wonderful visit with Sister K. after church, and we watched a couple of General Conference talks with her, and then watched a Mormon Message. The spirit was SO strong, and by the end of it, you could see that she was really starting to understand some of these things. That's the moment when you know that you're doing your job right as a missionary - when you can see that change in others; whether it be in less-active members, in investigators, non-members, or even members. When you can see the difference that you're making in someone's life, that is when being a missionary is all more than worth it. It's a blessing. :) After Sister K., we did personal and companionship study, then that night we had dinner with the Grigg family. I love them SO much! They really are SO wonderful! They're always looking out for us! :) After the Griggs, we finished the night off by visiting a sweet less-active woman who we met recently named Betty. I love her SO much!!! And she works at Mt. Vernon, so she told us last night that she would get us tickets to go into Mt. Vernon tomorrow! So we're going there today with the Clouses! I am SOOOO excited!!! :) Anyways, I gotta run, but I love you all SOOOO much!!! LOVE ALWAYS, Sister Aubrie Orrock