Wednesday, January 29, 2014


HEY EVERYBODY!!! This past week has been wonderful!!! Today we were able to get a lot done, including going to Sweet Frog and having some wonderful fro-yo that we were able to get for free with some money that we found outside of our gym of our apartment complex! :) Last week we found $10 laying outside in the snow as we walked out of the gym, so we turned it into the people at the clubhouse to see if anyone was missing it; well, this morning when we went in the clubhouse, the maintainance guy who we gave the money to told us that nobody had claimed it, so it was rightfully ours! Jesus loves me, yes, I know! :) Haha. Seriously though! :) So here's last week: Monday: We had dinner with Anastasia and Tabitha! It was SO good! I love them both SO much! They're so adorable and sweet! :) Tuesday: We had District Meeting, then we had lunch with Brother and Sister Russell and their adorable little girl at Chipotle! SO good! I LOVE them!!! :) Later that day after dinner, we did a little bit of tracting, then we visited the Mitchells, which was AWESOME!!! Brother Mitchell is a physical therapist, or something like that, and he adjusted me and Sister McKenna FOR FREE!!! And he showed us about 8 different stretches to help our backs and necks to not be in pain! It's WONDERFUL!!! :) Wednesday: We had lunch with Sister Stolpe and he son, Chaz at Noodles and Company! SO good!!! I LOVE Sister Stolpe SO much!!! :) Then that night we had dinner with the Ruschs! They are an adorable family! I love them! :) After dinner we visited the Clouses and were able to see them and their sweet new baby, Autumn!!! I LOVE THEM!!! OH MY CUTENESS!!! Seriously!!! Autumn is ADORABLE!!! I love her SOOOOOOOO much!!! :) After that, we went to see Desmond, but it turned out he wasn't home, so we rescheduled to see him some other time. Thursday: We did our weekly service at Koinonia, which was wonderful! I love everyone at Koinonia SO much! They really are SO good to us! :) Later that day we did some online proselyting and I chatted with some awesome people. :) That night we had dinner with Sister K. I love that woman! She is wonderful! :) Then we finished the night off by stopping by the Kemps and saying hi to them and scheduling another time to come and see them! :) We're hopefully gonna see them tomorrow! :) Friday: We weekly planned. Then we went to the Clouses that afternoon and I cut Brother Clouse's hair, and it looks GOOD!!! While I was doing his hair, Sister McKenna made them dinner, then we went off to see Sister Trinh. I love that woman! She's SO sweet and cute! :) Then we finished the night off with a wonderful visit with Carol! :) Saturday: We had a wonderful full-mission conference and I was able to see all of my past companions and Elder Brown and Elder Stone, and most everyone else who I've served with and gotten close to! And, I of course also saw President and Sister Riggs, and on top of that hear a wonderful talk from a general authority - none other than Elder Nielson! SOOOOOOO wonderful!!! :) After the conference, it was CAROL'S BAPTISM!!! It was SO beautiful! She bore her testimony after she was baptized, and it was absolutely beautiful! She talked about how grateful she is to be a part of such a big, wonderful ward family! She then went on to say that she plans on being a very active member of our church! :) I love her SO much! She's so sweet! She even signed up to feed us this week! :) That night we had a wonderful lesson with Desmond! He is awesome! He even said that he will get baptized eventually! :) Sunday: Carol was confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints!!! It was BEAUTIFUL!!! She was about to cry afterwards and you could really see the gratitude in her eyes! I LOVE her!!! :) That night we had dinner with the Baileys in the ward, which was wonderful! Their oldest daughter is so cute and sweet and even made each of us a cute little bracelet out of colored hair elastics! They are an adorable family! :) After dinner, we went over and visited with Carol, then we saw Katy and Abby, which was wonderful! I love them!!! :) Then we finished the night with a wonderful lesson with Opoku! And Patrick came with us and him and Opoku really hit it off, so it was awesome! I love Opoku and Patrick! They are both wonderful! :) Anyways, I gotta run, but I love you all SO much!!! Thank you all for your constant love and support!!! Y'all are amazing!!! :) The Church is true!!! :D LOVE ALWAYS, Sister Aubrie Orrock P.S. I've been studying a lot in Alma recently, and it's AMAZING!!! I LOVE the stories in the Book of Mormon, and how they really are SO entertaining, and also SO applicable to our lives! :) Read Alma chapters 21 and 22. :)

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