Thursday, February 13, 2014


This past week has been packed full of all sorts of adventures, with transfers and such! As sad as I was to leave Kingstowne and everyone in it, I am SOOOOO happy in Great Falls with my wonderful new companion, Sister Christensen!!! It's really hilarious because now I've officially been companions with all of the Sisters from Sister Akin's (my cute lil' trainee) MTC district! Cause first I trained Sister Akin, then I was companions with Sister Schramm, then I was companions with Sister Schramm's MTC companion, Sister McKenna, and now I'm finally companions with Sister Akin's wonderful MTC companion, Sister Christensen! The best part is that Sister Akin and I laughed and joked about how funny it would be if I was companions with all of the sisters in her MTC District, but I don't think that either of us actually seriously thought at the time that that would actually happen! Haha. Crazy small world! :) Anyways, my last few days in Kingstowne were CRAZY (in the sense that I pretty much knew that I was leaving, even before we officially got transfer calls on Tuesday night), and so I was spending most of my time those last few days just saying goodbye to all of my favorite people - at least as many as I could in that time frame. Unfortunately I forgot my old planner at the house, so I'm going to have to go strictly off of memory with this past week, so this probably won't get to be nearly as detailed as it usually is, so bear with me. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were all just kind of a big blur to me, but here are some things that stand out in my memory from those days: Tuesday we had our Gospel Principles class at the church, and after the class we had a little surprise birthday party for Elder Harper cause it was his birthday that day! It was small, but it was fun! :) Wednesday we spent the entire day visiting tons of members for me to say goodbye to! It was a really bitter-sweet day, but my spirit was ready to move onto other things. :) Thursday was transfers, and it was the most unusual transfer meeting of my life! It turned out that it was a full-mission conference as well as transfer meeting!!! As soon as we were done getting our new companions, we all went into the gym of the church that we were at and watched a movie together!!! There's a new movie that just came out recently about two Elders who got kidnapped in Russia in like 1998, and their story about their experience! It's SUUUPER powerful! I cried, and I don't really cry! It was a very beautiful movie! :) After the movie was over, we were able to visit with a bunch of people in the mission, which was AWESOME!!! I was able to see my "baby" - Sister Akin, as well as all of my other past companions, which was AWESOME!!! And speaking of past companions, guess which two of my past companions are now companions??!! My trainer, Sister Woodbury, and my last companion, Sister McKenna are now companions! CRAZY, huh?? It was SO much fun to see everyone!!! :) I was also able to see Elder Stone and talk with him for a little bit, too! It was so good to see him again! I miss all of the Elders, and just missionaries in general, who I used to serve with! :) Thursday night we had a wonderful lesson with a couple of investigators - a woman named Renette and her daughter, Ashley! They are WONDERFUL!!! I love them SO much! :) Friday we did weekly planning, which took most of the morning and early afternoon, then that night we had dinner with a wonderful couple in the ward! They are SO sweet! They even gave me a bowl of lentil soup and some ready-made quinoa and brown rice to go after dinner because they knew about my food allergy! SO sweet! :) My first full day here and people are already giving me things and taking care of me! I think I'm gonna like it here! :) That night we had a family fun night with a family in the ward, and it was SO much fun! Saturday we helped Renette and Ashley move into a new apartment! And a couple of Elders from a different ward, as well as a couple of men from our ward came and helped, so by the time we were done, Renette was SO overcome with emotion from people being so Christ-like and helping her that she was about to cry and she said, "If this is what this church is all about, then I want to join!" Sister Christensen smiled and said, "Done!" Serving your fellow-man really IS what Christ's church is (at least what it's SUPPOSED to be) about! Just as Christ says in the scriptures, "inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me". This is SO true! So with this, I encourage all of you to go out and find someone to serve! Whether it's helping a neighbor move, or it's something else, just go out and DO it! Do what you know Christ would have you do! :) That night we had a really good member visit with another family in the ward, then we finished the night off by going back home (oh ya! Did I forget to mention that we live with MEMBERS?? Yep. It took me a while to get used to that - I'm STILL not fully used to it!) and played the game "sorry" with the Davis' (the elderly couple who we live with) grandson who isn't a member, and Sister Davis. It was really fun! I was THIRD winner!!! haha! Obviously "Sorry" isn't my game... not YET anyway... haha! Sunday we had church at 11:00, and we had meetings before and after church. Then we went home and had a little snack break, but mostly slept for our lunch break, cause we had dinner two hours later. Then we had dinner that night with another way cute young family in the ward and then right after that stayed there for another hour and had a Skype lesson with Sister Christensen's cousin! It was SO cool and SO touching to be able to do that lesson! :) After that, we went to go and check on a couple of people, but neither of them were home, or they were putting their kids to bed and couldn't talk right then. But it was ok cause I wasn't feeling that great (I've had a bad cold since yesterday, but don't worry! I'm pumpin' my vitamins like CRAZY!!!), so we just went home a little bit early - like half an hour early - and we planned really quick, then we were able to be in bed by about 9:30! It was WONDERFUL!!! I think that's what my body definitely needed! I am SO grateful for the extra hour of sleep that I was able to get! Hopefully I'll be completely on the mend sooner than later! :) Anyways, sorry this week's update is so much shorter than usual, but that's it for now! I love you all and I pray for you each and every day! :) THE CHURCH IS TRUE!!! :D LOVE ALWAYS, Sister Aubrie Orrock

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