Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Miracles Happen with Members!

HEY EVERYBODY!!! This week has been packed full of things, as always! :) Monday we were snowed in all day, so we just hung out at home and had a lovely home-cooked meal with the Davis' and chatted with them. It was wonderful, and exactly what I needed to be able to give my ankle the much-needed rest that it needed (and still needs)! Tuesday we did our grocery shopping (cause we couldn't do it on Monday due to the weather), then we went to Noodles and Company and had lunch, which was wonderful! After lunch, we went and had our IPAD TRAINING!!! That's right. We have iPads now. No big deal. It's pretty great, I'm not gonna lie. :) however, it takes a little but longer to email on them cause they didn't come with a keyboard, so I'm just finger-pecking this whole email... Haha. It's fine. I've actually gotten kinda fast at it. :) Anyways, after we were done with iPad training, we went and had dinner with the Salisbury's, which was wonderful! They are such a kind family! :) After dinner, Sister Salisbury came with us to a lesson with Jason, which was really great! He's comin' along in his learning - slowly, but surely. He's really wonderful! I just want him to come to know that these things are true SOOOO bad!!! Haha. But I know I have to be patient. He'll get there - just in his own time. :) Wednesday we had DistrictMeeting, which was SUUUPER funny and interesting to look around and see all of us missionaries with our iPads out - typing out notes and looking up scriptures and Preach My Gospel. I LOVE it! It makes it SUUUPER convenient because now we don't have to carry around a million things with us anymore cause it's all on our iPads! LOVE it! :) After District Meeting, we went out to lunch at Cafe Rio with the McLean Sisters, and that was SUUUPER fun! We're trying to make some District, and even ZONE unity here, so hopefully we can get that goin' sooner or later! :) After District Meeting, we went home and did some online proselyting via Facebook, then we started to work on putting the area book online in our iPads (it's pretty much gonna take FOREVER cause our area book is THICK, and we have to type in all of the information from all of the teaching records, but it's fine. Haha), then we did companionship study. After that, we had dinner with Sister Parker, which was wonderful, as always! I LOVE that woman! :) After dinner, we visited (and I met) Sister Frank, which was great! She's a sweet older woman! :) After Sister Frank, we finished the night off by visiting and having a quick lesson with our investigator, Bruce. He's a nice older man, but he just doesn't seem to have that real intent when it comes to reading the Book of Mormon. Hopefully we can get him there some day! :) Thursday we worked on the area book, did some Facebook time, and then went and did some service at Great Falls Manor. I LOVE going there and visiting with those SUUUPER adorable and hilarious elderly women! They are SOOOO FUNNY!!! :) After that, we had dinner that night with the Steven's! It was WONDERFUL! I LOVE them!!! :) Friday morning the Vienna Sisters came and picked me up and took me to the Mission Office. But right before we left to go to the office, they gave me a pack of gluten-free OREOS!!! I cannot even express to you in words how grateful I was (and AM) for that seemly small and simple (but HUGE to ME) act of kindness!!! :) After they dropped me off at the mission office, I spent the rest of the morning and half of the afternoon there. While I was there, I helped out with checking vehicle miles papers and stapling receipts to them, and then visiting with Sister Riggs, and occasionally Elder Riggs and Elder Collins (the other Seniors who work in the office); and I also did some online proselyting. After they picked me up from the mission office (which, by the way, is about a 30 minute or so drive WITHOUT traffic), we went straight to the Olsen's and dinner with them; after dinner, we had a Family Fun Night with them and their friends. After that, we went and had a lesson with Jean Pierre, which went well. :) Saturday we did some weekly planning, then we had lunch with Brother Larsen at Olive Garden, which was delicious and SO much fun! I love Brother Larsen! He has such a quick wit about hi and always has a riddle for us! He's such a sweet elderly man! :) After lunch, we finished our weekly planning. After that, we had dinner with the Hall family and our investigators, Renette and Ashley! After dinner, we went to the Temple Visitors Center with all of them, which was wonderful! It was EXACTLY what they needed! After we left the visitors center, Renette said to me and Sis. Christensen, "It looks like we need to make a decision. We need to think about baptism." We almost cried with happiness and complete joy! I am SO happy for them! :) Sunday we went to church, which was wonderful! We had a special ward conference that was specially geared towards non-members! It was WONDERFUL!!! Renette even called us that night and thanked us for inviting her and Ashley to church, and for all that we've done for them! It was amazing! I love them SO much! :) That night, we had dinner with the Roberts, which was wonderful! Sister Roberts made THE BEST gluten-free brownies I've ever tasted in our life! :) Anyways, I love you all SO much! Thank you SO much for everything that y'all do for me! Please write me! And email is ok, too! :) I love you all! :) The church is true! Thought for the week: You're stronger than you think you are! Go out and chase your dreams and MAKE THEM HAPPEN! :) LOVE ALWAYS, Sister Aubrie Orrock

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