Saturday, April 13, 2013


Have you missed me?? Haha. Just kidding. Well, I have survived my first nearly week and a half in the MTC and time here is already quickly coming to a close! It's sure crazy how time flies! I'll be leavin on a jet plane bright and EARLY on Tuesday morning at 6:00 AM and leaving this beautiful state and goin off to DC! I am SOOOOOOOO EXCITED - and nervous and completely terrified, but that's ok! Cause I know that it's all in the Lord's hands and I'll be fine! :)
This week has sure been crazy and filled with all sorts of fun and crazy adventures, I don't even know where to start! Haha. So - first things first: Was General Conference AMAZING or what?!?! I cannot even begin to tell you how incredibly humbled I was - and still am - by all of the talks that were so eloquently given! I LOVED all of the talks about missionaries and missionary work! It's sure incredible to see just how many of today's young people are really following the teachings and examples of Christ and serving Him by bringing others unto Him through missionary work! I LOVE IT!!! :D Plus, it was a truly incredible and unique experience to be here and watching it in the MTC! The spirit is SOOOOOO strong here as it is - you can seriously even feel the spirit in the cafeteria, it's INSANE, but SOOOOOO cool!!!! It was just AMAZING how much stronger the spirit was during conference here! It was magnified ten fold! :)
Also, on Tuesday night I had the amazing experience of being able to sing in the MTC choir at our weekly devotional! It was SOOOOO cool!!! We sang "Be Still, My Soul", which is EXACTLY what I needed to hear in every single way at that time! Definitely a tender mercy from the Lord! And SOOOOO cool to be able to sing with about five hundred fellow missionaries! SUCH a powerful spirit!!!
So... now that we've gotten the spiritual stuff out of the way, here's for some funny MTC experiences! The other day, I was sitting in the foyer area near my classroom and Elder Payne was... well... kinda being a pain... and he was playing with a rubber-band and I asked if I could shoot it somewhere. He was halfway joking when he told me to try to shoot him in the eye... So I did. I wasn't actually TRYING to hit his eye, but it ended up hitting him perfectly in the eye. He was slightly embarrassed about getting beat by a girl - particularly a Sister missionary, so he just stood up and said, "Well, we're done playing THAT game..." and walked back into the classroom. To this day he STILL flinches at the sight of me holding a rubber-band. It's pretty hilarious, I'm not gonna lie.
Oh! And as far as the food here goes... not so great... Haha. Most of it doesn't sit very well in my estomago (stomach), so I've been eating a LOT of fruit lately. At least I'm being pretty healthy. :)
Oh, and also, like two or three of the toilets in the bathroom on my floor closest to my room got clogged and overflowed (practically exploded) with... stuff... Haha. You can imagine. Brown stuff was all over the floor for a day or so... YUMMY... And when I was about half asleep or so, I may or may not have accidentally stepped in a small part of it (luckily it was mostly toilet water) while I was in the bathroom getting ready for bed... Yep. I DEFINITELY washed my feet that night... It was awesome... Mom - SHOWER SHOES OR FLIP-FLOPS WOULD BE TREMENDOUSLY APPRECIATED!!! :D
Also, as far as my name-tag search goes... It's a no-go. I originally lost it the first time last Saturday, then I found it a couple of days later, then I immediately lost it again... I REALLY don't understand. Cause it was my magnetic name tag and I had stuck it on the metal part of my purse and hung it on my bed before I went to bed one night, and my companion and ALL of the girls in my room saw me put it there, then when I woke up in the morning it was gone. Seriously. NO WHERE TO BE SEEN!!! It's the WEIRDEST THING!!! So, basically now I'm known by my district as the Sister who looses/misplaces everything AND, even more than that, who LAUGHS ALL THE TIME!!! My companion, Sis. Lochridge and I laugh ALL the time - it's kinda ridiculous, but pretty great and hilarious all at the same time! I LOVE MY COMPANION!!! She's the best! :)
Oh! But I just remembered something that I forgot to mention in my e-mail last week! My dear, sweet companion bought me an oreo ice-cream treat cause she knows how much I love oreos, AND they have cookies n cream milk here and you BETTER BELIEVE I get that! SOOOOOO good! :D
Anyways, as for the most recent turn of events - I went to the temple with my district this morning and GUESS WHO I RAN INTO THERE?? THAT'S RIGHT - MY GORGEOUS COUSIN, DESI!!! I had been PRAYING ALL MORNING LONG to run into SOMEONE from home, and there she was - right after I walked in the temple and got my temple clothes! It was definitely a HUGE tender mercy from Heavenly Father! :)
Well, anyways, I don't have much more time left to write, so I gotta run, but know that I love you ALL!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE write me!!! :)

Love always,
Sis. Aubrie Orrock
P.S. Don't worry Ashley, Sofi, Heather, Aubs, Kat, Janette, Michelle, and Katie, or any of my other BFF's that I may have failed to mention - as much as I love her and she's become a sister to me, she could NEVER replace any of you! I love you all!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE write me! And THANK YOU for those of you who have - Aubs, Sofi, and Katie! Your letters seriously mean THE WORLD to me!!!

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