Monday, June 3, 2013

Marriage Proposals, Thunder Storms, and Preachin' His word!

I'm SO sorry in advance, but I don't have a lot of time to write today, so I'll update you on this last week as best and as quickly as I can! First things first: Y'all are probably wondering about the title of this - "Marriage Proposals"?? Yep. It's true. This last week had its ups and downs, but overall, it was very interesting and just funny! Last Monday night - on Memorial Day - we were walking around the park by the library, and we had people coming over to US to talk to US. This NEVER happens. Seriously. People like to run away from us. I don't know why, but they literally treat us like we're the black plague or something like that. ...Kinda like how girls avoid boys right before they leave on their missions. Haha! Anyways, but that night it WASN'T like that! First a former military guy talked to us for about 45 minutes and was border-line Bible Bashing us. That was fun. Then we talked to some other people, and then there was this guy from Islam who saw us walking and called us over. We were REALLY confused and thought that he was talking about someone else at first, so we looked around and kept walking. He called us over again, so we finally went over to him. When we got talking to us, he basically tried to "save us" and convince us that Mormons are wrong and why the Bible is the word of God. We did our best to calmly explain to him that we definitely believe in the Bible, too, we just ALSO believe the Book of Mormon to be the word of God. Well, after talking to us for about fifteen minutes or so about that, he asked us if we were married. We of course said, "No." and explained that while we're on our mission we don't date or anything like that, and we CERTAINLY don't get married. Marriage waits til AFTER the mission. So he told us that he'd marry both of us, but I think that he took more of a fancy to Sister Woodbury. First we told him that we don't believe in polygamy anymore - that's a different church. We then told him that that was very nice of him, but that's not what we're about right now. Well, if nothing else, I guess it was a bit of a self-esteem booster. ...or something like that... Haha.
Anyways, shortly after we rejected the marriage proposal, we ended the night with meeting a SUPER nice Chinese man who is EXTREMELY open-minded and wants to learn more about the gospel!!! He even told us exactly where he lives, wrote down his name and phone number and address without us hardly asking, and then even told us that he'd love for us to meet his wife and for us to come over for dinner - he's a really good cook, he says!!! Um... OK!!! That was just ABOVE AND BEYOND an answer to our prayers! Cause as entertaining and funny the military political guy and the marriage proposal guy were, we were just half-way laughing to ourselves, and halfway asking God if we could meet a for reals person tonight. Well, now we not only know that God sure has a good sense of humor, but he also pours out tremendous blessings to us and shows us the light at the end of the tunnel after he's "punked us", or so we called it. Haha.
Tuesday broke out into a HUGE thunderstorm - I swear it was almost a hurricane or something! It was raining BUCKETS and there was lots of thunder and lightening and it was SUUUPER windy! But that didn't stop Sister Woodbury and I from being out and working! Yep! That's right. We were still knocking doors. We thought for a second that people might take pitty on us and let us in. Nope. Not so much. Don't worry - I took a picture of Sis. Woodbury and I after we had only been in the rain for about thirty seconds - just long enough to run from our car to the front door. We were DRENCHED! But it was SOOOOOOO cool! Now I know that the raincoat and rainboots weren't just a friendly suggestion to bring. Nope. Here in Northern Virginia, when it rains, it POURS!!!
The rest of the week was really good! Thursday we got 37 NEW MISSIONARIES at transfers!!! Yep! And 18 of them are Sisters! That's right! Sisters are taking over the mission! YAYA!!!
Friday we FINALLY saw Reacha - our investigator who I met when I very first got here who we hadn't seen in about six weeks. She's been having phone problems and lots of family troubles, but we SAW HER!!! We both hugged her SO tightly and told her how much we've missed her! We're meeting with her tonight cause she didn't have time to meet right when we saw her on Friday. I can't wait to finally have another lesson with her and get her BAPTIZED!!! I love her SO much!!!
Funny thing of the week: At transfers, Crystal City got a set of Elders, and they're living in The Park (apartment complex) with us. I guess that somehow President got ear of my accidental flirty-ness. Here was his weekly e-mail to me this week:
"I'm so pleased you learned so much being with Sister McKee. With Elders now serving in Crystal City, I ask that you please be very careful to not let them flirt with you. Though they are missionaries, they are still young men. Please know that members are watching and will base their trust in you on how you act when you are around them. The Elders and the members may not be able to distinguish between you being kind and vivacious around the Elders from flirting. So, please turn off your charm when you are around the Elders. President Hinckley instructed his grand-daughter to not smile when she was talking with the Elders while she served her mission. He knew the Elders might mistake her kindness for feelings for them. So, watch yourself carefully around the Elders. I love you!"
Anyways, of course I have a spiritual thought for y'all as well! Yesterday I studied in Omni, and I really love verse 26! I also just so happened to have a quote from seminary glued in there that goes right along with it and I took a picture and I'm sending that to you, too! Also read Mosiah chapters 2 and 4! SOOOO good! I almost didn't wanna stop studying this morning!
The church is true! I pray for you all ALWAYS! Thank you SOOOO much for all of your prayers! I can feel them every day! And thanks SO much for all the graduation pictures, Mom! I LOVE it! It sure looks like y'all had fun! SOOOO good to see Grandma smiling and doing so well! I love you!!! I love you, Mal! I love you, Lance! I love you, Daddy! I love you, Mom! I love you, Cory! I love you ALL!!! Thank you for your letters! And thank you for your letter, too, Steve and Amanda! I forgot to mention that last week! I love y'all, too!
Love always,
Sister Aubrie Orrock

Sis. Woodbury and I in the middle of the thunder storm!

Omni 1:26 and quote! READ THIS!!! :D

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