Tuesday, May 28, 2013


WOW!!! Another week has just FA-LOWN by!!! I really cannot believe how quickly time is going by out here! On June 3rd it'll be my two month mark! I know two months isn't super significant compared to 18, but still. It's shavin' down on that time. I'm almost 1/9th of the way through my mission now! WOW!!! CRAZY!!!
Anyways, I hope that y'all are having a wonderful Memorial day and having fun spending time with family! This weekend was pretty weird cause SOOOO many people went to visit their families (cause most of the people around here are from Utah or are college students at George Mason University), so our ward was about a third of the size that it usually is this week!
SOOOO much has happened this past week, that I don't know if I can even remember it all to tell you! Haha! Well, as I mentioned in my letter last week,  we went to DC and saw the sights around the Smithsonian, so I'm sending some pictures from that with this e-mail as well! We also had the incredible unique opportunity to go to DC AGAIN on Thursday with our ward's Relief Society and got a private tour of the Children's National Medical Center. It was SOOOOOO special to go in there and see the sweet little pre-mature babies and to see what they do there! They've started this thing there called "Hats On!" were they give a hat to an infant when they need to have surgery. These babies wear the hats during surgery to help keep them warm. It's a huge research project that they've started recently and our ward was able to be a part of it because the Relief Society made and donated 75 hats for the infants there. The Relief Society President also came and talked about the Relief Society program a little bit and what we do and how service is our main focus. And then this other lady in our ward who works at the hospital personally introduced Sister Woodbury and I (she didn't introduce anyone else besides the Relief Society President or people who were nurses or on the board at the hospital, so we felt pretty cool). Anyways, we got to put on these full-body zip-up things and put little slippers on to cover our shoes. We looked pretty legit, let me tell ya! And don't you worry - we got pictures! :-)
Return and Report was on Thursday, and that went really well! Some of the comments from the trainers to the trainees were pretty funny, I'm not gonna lie! They said things such as "Don't flirt". ...I didn't realize I had a problem with that until I came out here... Oooopsies... And it turns out that the comment did originate from my trainer, but luckily no one else besides her MTC companion, Sister Cushing, knew that. HAHAHA!
On Friday, Sister Woodbury and I went on an exchange, and she stayed at the apartment and Sister Berg came to her, and I went to her apartment with her companion, Sister McKee. It was really cool to get to leave my tiny TINY area of Crystal City for a bit and learn lots of new and wonderful things from Sister McKee; but by Saturday afternoon when it was time to go back, I couldn't be happier! It was nothing against Sis. McKee or anyone, for that matter. I just felt home-sick from my little area and my companion and my bed and everything. Transfers are coming up this week, but luckily Elder Litchfield, one of the AP's let it slip to us that we're staying here!!! YAY!!! Another six weeks in Crystal City!!! I really DO love it here!!!
Last night we had a New Member Fireside for anyone who's been baptized in the past few months or so to come and attend, and about six of them spoke. It was truly uplifting and inspiring to hear all of their amazing conversion stories! Some of them said that they'd had missionaries knock on their door for twenty years, but it took until NOW for them to actually listen and get baptized! So it's NEVER too late for people! Never give up on ANYBODY! They say that it usually takes people an average of seven good encounters with an LDS person to even begin to CONSIDER wanting to learn more. So even if you're not the one physically bringing that person into the waters of baptism, you ARE a stepping stone to that moment! So always be thou an example!
And I am SOOOOOOOO happy for and proud of all of my friends and family members who are preparing to serve missions/are currently serving right now!!! This really IS THE BEST thing that I could've ever done in my life!!! JESSICA PAGE, I am mainly talking to YOU, baby girl!!! I got your letter and I am SOOOOOO proud of you!!! You go out and serve and be THE BEST missionary EVER!!!
Also - I can e-mail all family AND friends, so if anyone wants to e-mail me, I can't promise that I'll be able to personally respond to each of you, but I would LOVE to hear from each of you! My e-mail is: aubrie.orrock@myldsmail.net.
I LOVE YOU and I pray for you all each and every day!!!
Sister Aubrie Orrock

Sister Woodbury and I in our hot outfits in the OR at the hospital! Aren't we cute? Haha!

Huget feeds us SOOOOOOOOOO much food!!! WAAAY too much!!! You think that plate's for three people, right?? Nope. Just me. She let it slide on the not having four scoops of ice-cream this time, though, cause Sis. Woodbury told her I'm sensitive to dairy - which is true. ...So I really shouldn't have had THAT much, but that's fine... Haha.

This one is a picture of (left to right) Me, Sister Woodbury (my wonderful companion), Sister Kuang (our incredible Chinese investigator who got baptized on SATURDAY!!!), and Sister Olson (Sister Woodbury's old companion)

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