Tuesday, May 14, 2013


This e-mail won't be able to be as long this week cause today's Sister Woodbury's birthday and we're going to DC to celebrate! :D WOO HOO!!! I can't wait!!! Since my mission is just outside DC, but closest to the border, I only get to go to DC once every other transfer (unless I'm going to the temple visitor's center with an investigator, then we can go as often as we like!). We're actually planning on bringing our investigator "Jewlery" Jan to the Visitor's Center this week, so I'm SUUUPER excited!!! I can't wait for her to go there and feel the spirit! I just want her to get baptized SOOOOOOO badly!!!
...Speaking of Jewlery Jan, I realized after I sent my e-mail last week that I didn't really say much about her besides sending the picture of all of the real jewlery that she's spoiled me with! Haha! But the story with that is that she's an older lady (mid-sixties) who has a TON of jewlery (or, I should say HAD, since she's given most of it away by now), but she just doesn't wear it anymore, so she wanted to give it away to younger girls who would take care of it and appreciate it. Oh man... I LOVE LOVE LOVE being a missionary!!! ...and NO. Don't worry. It is NOT because investigators spoil me with jewlery and members feed me and I'm just spoiled all around right now. I promise. I mean, that is definitely a perk, I'm not gonna lie, but that is NOT why I love being a missionary so much. Haha. ...Seriously though. But anyways, Jan is this amazing older woman who has had SOOOOOO many personal spiritual experiences and COMPLETELY believes in God and Jesus Christ, but for some reason she's still not sure about the church. She's been reading the Book of Mormon a little bit here and there and she's about one hundred pages into it, but she's still not sure about it. We just keep on praying that one day her eyes will be open and she'll be baptized cause she's SO SO close to it!
We also just started visiting a less active lady in our ward named Lorenda a couple of days ago. We went to check on her for the first time about a week and a half ago or so, but she was busy giving her son a bath, so she asked us to come back some other time. The next time we came back, there had been a miscommunication on the time, so she was also busy. However, the next time we went back, we made sure to visit her THAT DAY (this was also on Saturday), and she and her son were eating dinner, so she asked us to come back in about half an hour. We came back and we were FINALLY able to visit with her! We mostly talked with her and got to know her a bit, then shortly before we left, we gave a spiritual thought. After the spiritual thought, her son (who's about five years old) came over to Sister Woodbury and pointed to a little tab and asked her to read it. She flipped to it and read the first verse that she saw on that page, (and although I'm not so sure that Lorenda realized it) which just so happened to fit in perfectly with what they needed to hear! I know that I could definitely feel the spirit, and I sure hope that they could!
Anyways, this last week has been really good as far as finding a lot of new people; however, I'm not so sure how many of them we'll actually be able to keep because I'm pretty sure that most of them will be attending a single's ward. But still, we've been working on the AR's (Accepts and Rejects) and we've been averaging at least ten a day! Even though all of our key indicator numbers on Saturday were 0's because our lessons fell through, we met A LOT of new people and got about fifteen Accepts!!! The accept and reject thing reffers to how many people we street contact and/or tract into who either "Accept" our message and tell us to come back or to call us, or "Reject" and... well... no need explaining that one... Hahah. We tracted a cul-de-sac that we had been going nearby to to check on a former investigator, but had never actually tracted there. IT. WAS. AWESOME!!! Every single person who answered their door said that they were busy right then (it was after 8:00 pm), but that we could come back some other time! We also got several other accepts earlier that day through street contacting and tracting during our power hour! Power hour is when we either street contact or tract (or a lil bit of both) for an hour straight and see how many new potential investigators we can find during that time! I LOVE IT!!! I am SO happy that our zone decided to do a power hour every single day! It really is wonderful and I've already seen SO many miracles come just from that with people listening to us and inviting us to come back! This work is really wonderful! I am SO happy to be out here and doing the work that I'm doing!

Anyways, the work is SOOOOOOOO wonderful!!! I hope y'all are doing great back home!!! You're all in my constant thoughts and prayers!!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

A quote that I LOVE that my mission president, President Riggs said is:
"Put your wants secondary to the needs of others, commit to that, covenant with God as you partake of the sacrament to do that."
I challenge each of you to focus more on serving others not just this week, but throughout your lives!

Also I studied Alma chapter 32 recently and LOVE it!!! I invite you all to study it as well!!!


Sister Aubrie Orrock

P.S. Kat! Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOO much for the letter this week!!! It was ADORABLE!!! I'm working on writing a letter to you, but it might take a while cause I don't have much time. But I LOVE YOU SOOOOOO MUCH, GIRL!!! Also, my mom told me that you sent me a package, but I haven't gotten it yet cause I guess you sent it UPS. Haha. It's ok. I'll probably get it in a couple of weeks. It'll be a fun surprise when it comes! :)

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