Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Transfers this week!

HEY EVERYBODY!!! So sorry again for having to cut things so short last week! Like I said, it was a crazy day! So anyways, I'll finish telling y'all about the week before last week (Friday, November 1st through Sunday, November 3rd), then I'll continue with this past week! Friday was SO good! We had interviews with President! I always love any time that I have the opportunity to see President! He just brightens my day! I cried to him and told him that I was having a hard time understanding why I've been having so many health problems since I've been on my mission - cause I had some before, but not like this, and not this frequent. He responded first by laughing slightly and told me that my health problems may have stemmed from my companions needing to learn things such as patience or compassion, etc. He then went on to apologize that they were having to learn these things at my expense. Haha... Love it. It's ok though. Cause, not to jinx myself or anything, but right at this moment, I'm pretty healthy and my current companion, Sister Schramm and I are getting along GREAT! :) ...We all know what that means... TRANSFERS!!! Haha. It's sad, but true. We all know that as soon as you really click with a companion and you get the brain waves goin', one of you is bound to get the boot. We think it's gonna be Sis. Schramm and that I'm gonna stay (and possibly train again) in Kingstowne, but no promises. This is all just our pure speculation. After interviews with President, we weekly planned. Then that night we had dinner with the Orland's. I love them! They are such a cute family! And all three of their kids have severe food allergies, so they totally understand the gluten-free and vegetarian thing with me! It's AWESOME!!! :) Sister Orland even made some DELICIOUS gluten-free banana bread and gave me a couple of loaves to take home! I love them! :) I really have been getting SO spoiled on my mission, it's ridiculous! And I'll even be the first to admit it; but not saying that anything needs to change... Haha. I really am in such a wonderful area! I love Crystal City and I love Kingstowne now, too! In fact, as far as a place where I would actually live in real life, I would definitely choose Kingstowne over Crystal City cause Crystal City's way too hustle and bustle, where as Kingstowne is a little bit, but it's not so big city-like. It's a lot more similar to Orem - just WAAAY more green and colorful and without the mountains, but I LOVE it! :) After dinner we visited a sweet less-active woman named Lorraine. I love her! We had a wonderful visit with her! :) Saturday was an interesting day. We had dinner with Sister K. that night at Gangus Grill for her birthday. YUM!!! Sunday we visited with the McCunes a bit before church, and that was really nice! :) Then church was really great! I really do love Kingstowne now! I love the ward and everybody and everything! That night after church (that's right. We have dinner from 3:00 to 6:00 pm. CRAZY, huh??), we had dinner; then we went and had a really great lesson with Opoku. This was my very first time meeting him, but he's from Gahna and is awesome! The lesson went great! We taught him most of the Restoration and he loved it! He even accepted the soft baptism invite! YAY!!! :) Now onto this past week! Monday was CRAZY busy, but SO much fun!!! We went to D.C. as a District (technically we're not supposed to hang out in large groups of missionaries, so since there were four sets of us, and Sis. Schramm and I are the only Sisters, the Elders mostly grouped off and we hung out by ourselves and then traveled together to and from on the metro! I love my District SO much! They're SO fun! :) After we were done hanging out in D.C., we came back and quickly did our grocery shopping and all of our other stuff that we needed to get done, then we had dinner and Family Home Evening with the McCune's in our ward and Lorraine and her son. I love them! They're wonderful! :) Tuesday was really good! We had District meeting, which is always wonderful! We even did a really fun practice teach activity where we practice taught blind-folded. I LOVED it! :) That afternoon we had a really great lesson with our investigator, Carol, and before I was even finished giving her the soft baptism invite, she told us that she would pray about baptism! OK! SWEET! LOVE IT! :D That night, we stopped by the Williams' in our ward and picked up our dinner from them, and then went home and ate. After that, we had our Gospel Principles class, which was interesting. Haha. It was good. It was just a funny combination of people who we had there. There was Sister K., Carol, and Sister Davis. I love them all, but they just all have very different personalities, so it was just funny to watch them interact with each other. Wednesday was a MIRACLE DAY!!! We visited a potential investigator family (this was my second time meeting them, and first time really talking with them) who agreed to let us start teaching them! The only reason why we haven't just started teaching them before is because they were kind of a referral through a couple of different people in the ward, but missionaries first met them through helping them move into their new house, and not through talking about the gospel. So it's started out and been a friendship with them for a while now (since long before I got here), but Sister Schramm and I finally basically told them our purpose and asked if we could start teaching them and they said yes! :) The church is so true! I love it! Wednesday we had a wonderful lesson with our investigator Fasaad and the Elder's recent convert, Darci, came with us! :) By the end of the lesson, Darci and Fasaad had a bro handshake goin' on and they were already friends! The power of member-present lessons! I love it! :) Thursday we started the day off at Koinonia (the local food bank that we volunteer at). After that, we went out to lunch with Sister Russell in the ward to Chipotle. I LOVE Chipotle! And I love Sister Russell! She really is wonderful! And she used to be in the Crystal City ward, so she understands my love for Crystal City! We bonded over that. It was great! :) That night we had dinner with the Cheeney's in the ward. They're such a cute, fun family! And the best thing was when we were sharing our spiritual thought and we all sang "The Wise Man" together and they all got REALLY into it! It's such a fun song! Friday we did our (possibly) last weekly planning together. :( We really think that Sister Schramm is getting transferred and we're both really sad about it! We became quick friends and we have SO much fun together! That night we visited Bobbi, which was really great! I love Bobbi! Saturday we did a LOT of service with Koinonia and helped out with their huge food drive! It was really fun! We had all of the Kingstowne missionaries there - Elders Stone and Harper and Elders Smith and Williams. That afternoon, we visited with Carol some more in the computer lab in the clubhouse of our apartment complex while Elder Smith and Elder Williams fixed her laptop and she told them about how she wants to get baptized, too! I love it! :) That night we had dinner with the Fitzgeralds! I love them! After that, we went over to the Grigg's and had cake and ice-cream with them (gluten-free cake) for their daughter, Sarah's birthday. I love the Griggs! They're wonderful! Sunday was really great! We visited with Amber E.! I love her! I know why I'm in Kingstowne now! :) That night we visited Sister Davis and it was really great! It actually ended up being a prompting and she really needed us! I LOVE those times as a missionary! :) THE CHURCH IS TRUE!!! I love you all SOOOO much!!! :) Love always, Sister Aubrie Orrock P.S. Read Mosiah chapters 12-14. They are SO good! :) Thank you all who have e-mailed me/written me! I really appreciate it! (Mom, Dad, and Cory. Y'all are the winners recently! Everyone else - PLEASE WRITE ME!!!) :)

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